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S3:E2- Rosefire, Bandersnatch, and Other Words with Carrie Givens

Listen to the episode here!

Carrie Givens or Carolyn Clare Givens is a delight to chat with about all manner of things!  She's a lover of words. Her cat is named, well you should listen to find out. In fact, you just have to listen to find out a lot of fun answers to my questions.

She has written TWO BOOKS. The King's Messenger and Rosefire And check out her publishing company Bandersnatch Books. And learn from her ways of looking for beauty in a heron or deer sighting!  I hope you enjoy this conversation and will encourage my friend Carrie this week! You can find her on instagram here to say hello and you heard this episode.

Sincerely, Sarah

Ps. "Every Beauty" is the song by Matthew Clark

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