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Learning from Flamingos

Two weeks ago in Florida, I decided I wanted to paint a flamingo. I mean, how DELIGHTFUL are these birds? Their name is fun to say. Their colors bring me back to watching SCLUB 7 after school as a kid while doing math homework. Then my siblings and I would go outside on the warm September days and dance in the sun to their songs. Okay back to flamingos. Their whole standing on one leg thing! I was just reading that flamingos use virtually no energy to stand on one leg and doze off! There's also a mystery to this process that involves storing up heat and energy. I love that.

So as I was painting, this little poem came to my mind. Here it is for you.

The Checkbook of a Flamingo

we aim for harmony

for the clean zeroes

the cooperation of tos and fros

we ache for comfort

we worry for peace

we strive for relaxation

may we learn from the bird

for how she's known best

standing on one leg

storing up rest

that balancing act

check, check, check

until it's time to fly

© 2018 Sarah Tisdale, All Rights Reserved



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