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Expecting, a poem

I expect rainbows even when the rain pours down,

I expect rainbows even when I feel like a clown,

I expect rainbows even when I see everyone frown,

I’ve seen them before so surely they’ll come,

I have a God where promises come from,

But today the rainbow didn’t come after the rain,

I couldn’t see it any where I looked,

So I’ll sit here and read my book of the cover red,

And take in the orange morning light that is graciously shed,

And then open my bright yellow door to greet the neighbors’ smiles,

And skip in the green weedy grass with the carefree dogs for miles and miles ,

And see that blue sky that is constant only in its changing,

Always, always, always rearranging,

And I remember my friend who only paints in indigo,

She gave me vision for what life could be, Tomato soup with friendly Greeks at the tiny café,

Smiling at strangers on the Corner to make their day,

Even when your wrists hurt and things don’t go your way,

God has something kind to say,

And now the wild violets in the garden don’t bother me so,

Because all of it has built a fully complete rainbow,

Even when the sky said, for now, no.

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