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Winter Snow Happenings

Winter Snow Happenings

January 22, 2016

The blizzard is here.

I am snuggled up with my cat.

And working on four pup portraits.

The white outside is providing good light indoors.

So I am thankful for the snow.

And I'm listening to Audrey Assad's Winter Snow, and I am thankful for everything.

Especially this wave of thankfulness after a week of lots of feelings and uncertainties.

For family and friends who are there for me through all of life's ups and downs.

For books and stories. For alone time. For hot drinks and blankets.

And perfect provision.

This week has not been perfect, but Jesus has provided so much for me through it all.

And I feel content.

Here's a poem:


Walking down the gravel path,

I see that snapped, hanging limb that hits my window,

Every day I drive away,

Broken but somehow defiantly strong,

It is still there.

And the snow is beginning to fall,

And the wind carelessly throws me a snowflake,

To catch on my frizzy, navy blue gloves.

It's only a little more than half of the flake,

But it is so real, so complex.

I can't help but want to catch more,

I skip to the mailbox with my hands out,

Inspecting them for the next wintry catch

And race back to the limb.

It's finally time to tear it down,

If you twist anything long enough,

It will break,

And you won't have to worry,

About the nagging stick that,

You meant to take down months ago.

© 2016 Sarah Tisdale, All Rights Reserved



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