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Blank Canvas

Watching the geese fly above my skylight window and working on some pet portraits. I have already churched, hammocked, and fellowshipped. The Lord is good. He is teaching me more about my strength and beauty through his wise ways. I know that's abstract, but that's all you will get for now. Stay tuned for more musings. Here's a little poem to new beginnings and painting outside once again! Spring is almost here! And Happy Leap Day tomorrow!

Blank Canvas

The light lasts

That is a promise

In the darkness and the heaviness and the fog and the confusion

The memory of light lasts

The binds loosen

The slate wiped clean

The canvas new

The paper fresh

The tea hot and the breakfast timely

And the smiles sincere

And the morning comes

Full of light.

© 2016 Sarah Tisdale, All Rights Reserved



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